Object Description
A Lekythos and a Loutrophoros

Funerary Lekythos with farewell scene, height = 60cm, marble. Attic, 4th century BC
Loutrophoros, height = 54cm, Marble. Attic, 4th century BC

Identification Date
16 Oct 2017
Identification Location
Frieze Masters, London (consigned by Jean-David Cahn AG, Basel-based Gallery, acting on behaf of the Swiss canton Basel-Stadt)
Artefact History

In addition to the photographic evidence, the Becchina archive also contained written documentation from 1988 and 1990 which showed Becchina and George Ortiz as co-owners of the lekythos. One of those documents also referenced the object in an earlier 1977 Becchina list of antiquities.

16 Oct 2017

Christos Tsirogiannis notified authorities of the identification of the artefact at Frieze Masters, London. They were consigned by Jean-David Cahn AG, Basel-based Gallery, acting on behalf of the Swiss canton Basel-Stadt.

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Artefact Status
26 Oct 2017

Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport issue press release, announcing efforts to repatriate the Lekythos and  Loutrophoros.

The repatriation efforts are still ongoing.

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