Greek Cycladic Spouted Bowl

Bronze Villanovan Helmet

Polychromed Terracotta Antefix

Four Etruscan Terracotta Panels

Apulian Gnathia Hydria

Apulian Gnathia Bottle

Apulian Fish-plate

Etruscan Bronze Votive Figure

Apulian Gnathia Bowl

Etruscan Bronze Nude Male Dancer

Janiform Kantharos

Kouros Statue

Six Fragments of Apulian Vase

Fragments of an Apulian Volute Krater

Four Marble Oscilla

Greek Geometric Oinochoe

White-Ground Lekythos

Greek Proto-Corinthian Duck

Greek Proto-Corinthian Owl

Greek Ionian Ram’s Head

Greek Corinthian Lion Vessel

Greek Corinthian Bull’s Head

Bronze Statuette of a Togatus (2)

A Lekythos and a Loutrophoros

Grave Stele

Attic Red-Figure Nolan Amphora

Sarcophagus Fragment

Sardinian Idol

Attic Red-Figure Column Krater

Faliscan Askos Rooster

A pair of Canosan Volute Kraters

Peucetian Stamnos

Pair of Pegasus Horses

Two Etruscan Terracotta Panels

Villanovan Hut Urn

South Italian Calyx-Krater

Greek South-Italian Red-Figure Bell Krater

Greek Gold Macedonian Wreath

Statue of a Greek Archaic Marble Kore

Bronze Statuette of a Togatus (1)

Greek Marble Trapezophoros

Volute Krater with Scenes from Underworld

Greek Attic Bell Krater with Dionysiac Scene

Volute Krater depicting Phoenix and Achilles

Calyx Krater with Scene from Aristophanes' Play

Greek Attic Red-Figure Amphora

Greek Attic Two-Sided Relief Kantharos

Greek Attic Red-Figure Calyx Krater