Object Description
Greek Attic Bell Krater with Dionysiac Scene

Greek, Attic bell krater with a Dionysiac scene, circa 420 B.C. with a depiction of Dionysos and a Satyr who feeds a donkey from a bowl. 

Identification Date
Between Jan and May 2000
Identification Location
Jean Paul Getty Museum, California, US. 
Artefact History
Before 1981

One Polaroid image in the Medici archive depicts the krater just after it was re-assembled from various fragments, next to other illicit antiquities.


Getty Museum acquires the krater, which takes the accession number 81.AE.149.

Between Jan and May 2000

Using the Medici Polaroid image, Italian archaeologists Dr Daniela Rizzo and Mr Maurizio Pellegrini, identify the krater in the antiquities collection of the Jean Paul Getty Museum, California, US.

Artefact Status
Between 2006 and 2007

Between 2006 and 2007, the krater was repatriated to Italy from the Jean Paul Getty museum in California, US.