Object Description
Greek Proto-Corinthian Duck

Greek Proto-Corinthian vase in the form of a duck, dated at 650-625 B.C. 

Identification Date
Between 2018 and 2021
Identification Location
Michael Steinhardt Private Collection
Artefact History
Before 1978

One regular-print image from the archive confiscated from the convicted antiquities dealer Giacomo Medici. The duck appears resting on a linen fabric.


The duck was displayed at the Musée de l’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva.


The duck was displayed at the Getty Museum in Malibu, California.

12 Jun 1996

Robin Symes and Christos Michaelides sold the duck to the Beierwaltes collection in Colorado, US, for $120,000.


The Beierwaltes consigned their entire antiquities collection, to include the duck, to ‘Phoenix Ancient Art’ gallery, belonging to the Aboutaam brothers.


Steinhardt purchased the duck from Phoenix Ancient Art for $130,000.


On the request of the Manhattan DA’s Office, the duck have been identified probably by the Italian authorities, in the Steinhardt collection. 

Artefact Status
February 2022

In December 2021, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced that the duck will be repatriated to Italy. Its repatriation took place on February 2022.