Object Description
South Italian Calyx-Krater

South Italian calyx-krater by Python. Decorated with a scene showing a youthful Dionysos reclining on a couch in the presence of a female double-flute player who is sitting at the end of Dionysos’ couch.

Identification Date
01 Jan 2009
Identification Location
Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky
Artefact History

Photographic evidence suggests Giacomo Medici was in possession of the artefact prior to 1990.

Unknown - 1990

Photographic evidence suggests that Robin Symes was in possession of the artefact in 1990. The period of time it was in his possession is unknown.


Anonymous "Charter Collectors." 

1990 - 2018

Artefact aquired by the Speed Art Museum in 1990. The museum retained ownership of the artefact until 2018.

01 Jan 2009

Christos Tsirogiannis identified the artefact at the Speed Art Museum.


Christos Tsirogiannis notified Speed Art Museum.

Artefact Status

Ownership transferred from Speed Art Museum to the Italian State.

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