Object Description
White-Ground Lekythos

Greek Attic Monumental White-Ground Lekythos. The lekythos is attributed to the so-called ‘Triglyph Painter’ and it is decorated with a funerary monument, a woman and a youth.

Identification Date
15 Jan 2018
Identification Location
Michael Steinhardt Private Collection, Manhattan, New York.
Artefact History
Before 1995

Five (5) professional images, depicting the same lekythos in the archive of the antiquities dealers Robin Symes and Christos Michaelides. Three of the images depict the lekythos covered with soil, while two others depict the same lekythos after its restoration.

22 Jun 1995

Symes and Michaelides are selling the lekythos to the Beierwaltes family collection in Colorado, US.


The Beierwaltes consign their collection, including the lekythos, to the ‘Phoenix Ancient Art’ gallery in Manhattan, New York. The gallery is managed by the Aboutaam brothers, Ali and Hischam.

14 Dec 2006

The lekythos was sold from the Aboutaams to Michael Steinhardt.

15 Jan 2018

Identified n the private collection of Michael Steinhardt, Manhattan, New York, from images in the archive formed by Robin Symes and Christos Michaelides, confiscated from the Papadimitriou family (relatives of Christos Michelides)

January 2018

The DA’s Office announces the seizure of 16 objects from the Steinhardt collection, among which the White-Ground Lekythos.

Artefact Status
February 2022

On December 2021, the Manhattan DA’s Office announced that the lekythos will be repatriated to Greece. The repatriation took place in February 2022.