Object Description
Grave Stele

An Attic Marble Anthemion from a Grave Stele, circa 350-340 BC.

Identification Date
09 Jun 2017
Identification Location
Sotheby's London Auction, UK 
Artefact History
1977 - 1990

Documentation in Becchina's business records indicate that the stele appeared to have been in his hands from 1977 until 1990.


Becchina's documentation indicates that the artefact was sold to George Ortiz in 1990.

09 Jun 2017

Christos Tsirogiannis reports to authorities the identification he had made of an Attic Marble Anthemion from a Grave Stele coming up for auction in Sotheby's June 12, 2017 London auction.

Artefact Status
08 Sep 2018

Repatriated to Greece, column has been delivered to the Epigraphical Museum of Athens, Greece.